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She wishes on stars...

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20 January 1982
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Not so sure if my life is interesting enough to write about it in here.. But let's give it a try!

* If one of my icon was made by you and it's not credited, it's because I didn't know. Just tell me and I will give proper credit.

Tegan and Sara are one magnet to another magnet love

made by delicatexflower


[Name:] Caroline D.
[Nickname:] Please, call me Caro ;)
[Gender:] Female
[Birthday:] January 20th 1982
[Age:] Do the math.. :P
[Location:] Quebec city, Province of Quebec, Canada
[Marital Status:] In a relationship ;)
[Religion:] Agnostic
[My Eyes:] Blue
[My Hair:] Chestnut
[Height:] 5'4"
[Astrology:] Capricorn
[Languages:] French is my native language but I think I can handle myself in English

[email:] carorules@gmail.com

[Life situation]

I have owned a house with my brother and my cousin for 5 years. I now own the perfect little town house with my significant other.

I have a Bachelor degree in Business administration with a specialization in Human Resources Management.

I work full time at Pepsi as a Vault Manager. I have an awesome schedule.

Family and friends are the most important thing in my life. I am very close to my parents and my close friends are like brothers and sisters to me. Family is not always the one that you are related to with blood.

I am life of the party!

Oh I almost forgot, I am a COMMENT WHORE!!!!


music (mostly punk & ska and angry women music), movies, Internet, the color blue, Tv shows without commercials, sleeping, online friends, LJ, happy endings, gossips magazines, watching the stars, art, literature, coffee, chocolate, alcohol, partying, traveling


close-minded people, incompetence, drama, being sick, stereotypes, labels, superficiality, loneliness, having such a bad sense of direction, insecurity, extreme weather.

[S t a t e m e n t s]

[I Am:] just girl who doesn’t wanna grow up
[I Believe:] that everything happens for a reason
[I Love:] having fun
[I Admire:] people who don’t care what other think
[I Enjoy:] spending time with the people I care about
[I Hope:] to keep a young heart forever

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